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Our platforms are designed to meet the bespoke needs of various industries, ensuring every sector benefits from tailored communication solutions. Discover how our focused approach can revolutionize your industry’s communication strategy.



CRM telephony integrates your phone system with a CRM to track customer calls and interactions, helping improve service strategies and identify sales leads.

It ensures customers are quickly connected to the appropriate resource.

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E-commerce faces challenges like managing high customer inquiry volumes and expectations for swift, efficient service across multiple channels.

B’yond’s omni-channel contact center software, paired with CRM integration, centralizes communications, enabling companies to provide consistent support and exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint.

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For the travel industry, from tour operators to hotel chains, we offer solutions like global phone numbers for bookings and inquiries, along with SMS for flight updates, hotel confirmations, and deals.

Plus, our UCaaS (IP PBX) system ensures smooth internal communication for global teams, improving traveler services.

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Mobile devices

For mobile device manufacturers or operating system developers needing to manage devices upon activation, B’yond offers efficient two-way SMS short codes and long codes. These solutions are preferred by top industry players.

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B’yond’s CCaaS platform enhances BPO operations by unifying customer interactions across channels, improving service and agent productivity, leading to better outcomes.

With a customizable CCaaS, BPOs gain tailored software for their unique needs, boosting operational efficiency.

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Unified Communications

With B’yond’s UCaaS or IP PBX platform, branch offices can unify their phone systems, allowing for complimentary inter-office calls and multi-channel communication – voice, video, instant messaging, and email, regardless of geographical locations.

This connectivity fosters increased productivity, accelerates decision-making processes, and supports more cohesive workflows.

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Carriers looking to diversify revenue amidst commoditized voice, data, and SMS services can capitalize on B’yond’s global phone number platform.

With six distinct types of numbers available in over 2,600 cities worldwide, carriers can significantly expand their offerings. B’yond also opens the door to profitable A2P SMS opportunities, enabling carriers to enter a growing market.

Engage with us to broaden and enhance your portfolio and drive new revenue streams.


Banking & Insurance

To maintain profitability and customer satisfaction, banks and insurers require contact centers that manage queries efficiently.

Our CCaaS solution empowers institutions to handle inquiries, transactions, and card activations, offering customization for every need. It efficiently directs customers to the appropriate department and ensures consistent service with tools like IVR and call recording, thereby improving customer experience.

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